Tune-UpWhere should I go for a tune up in Sacramento, in addition to car maintenance and auto repair?

Quality Tune-Up offers exceptional car maintenance and auto repair services to Sacramento communities and beyond. No matter the tune up service, our team of expert mechanics are here to help.

Why are tune ups important?

Regular scheduled tune ups can drastically improve the efficiency of your vehicle’s engine. When your car, light duty truck or SUV is properly tuned, all components of your vehicle’s engine are efficiently working together. Just think, one spark plug misfiring half of the time can reduce fuel economy by 7% and two can reduce it by 20%. Routine tune ups are an essential part of car maintenance and auto repair. To keep your vehicle performing at its best, while emitting minimum pollutants, visit our shop for our tune up services.

How often should my vehicle get a tune up?

At Quality Tune-Up, we recommend bringing your vehicle into our shop for car maintenance and auto repair services every 30,000 miles. And even if you’re driving a late-model vehicle, it is a misconception that it doesn’t need routine car maintenance and auto repair to make it perform its best.

What does a tune up service include?

Our tune-ups include new spark plugs and points, if equipped. We also check the condenser, rotor and distributor cap if equipped. All tune-ups include labor to install parts and any necessary adjustments. Drivability diagnostics (if necessary) may be extra. (Internal or sealed carburetor adjustments not included.)

At Quality Tune-Up, we always strive to achieve your 100% satisfaction. No matter the service, from tune ups to auto repair, we are eager to have your vehicle running in its peak performance.