Winter Weather Tire Care Tips

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October 25, 2018

As the wet weather gets closer, the tires on your vehicle are heavily affected. Parking in a garage overnight can help, but many people don’t have access to one, so their cars stay outside during the coldest part of the day. Protect your tires this winter with a few simple tips.

Check the Pressure Often

Freezing temperatures cause the pressure in your tires to drop. This is dangerous because it can cause the tires to wear unevenly, leading to damage that will require replacement. Your vehicle can also experience a blowout when your tire isn’t at the right pressure level.

Low tire pressure also affects how your vehicle reacts when you apply the brakes. Your vehicle won’t behave as predictably when the tires are low in pressure.

Your tires can lose up to one pound per square inch when the temperature drops by 10 degrees, so keep close track of the pressure throughout the winter. If you notice the pressure is low, fill it up as soon as possible and avoid driving too much on under-inflated tires.

Examine the Tread

It is crucial to check the tread of your tires before the weather get too cold. If you wait until the first snowstorm or ice road hits, you may find that the worn out tires cause your car to slide and skid on the roads. This is very dangerous for you and other drivers around you, so make sure to examine the tread early in the season.

Use the penny trick by sticking the copper coin upside down within the tread. If you can see President Lincoln’s head, you’ll need to replace the tires for safety. As you check the depth, you should also take a closer look at the wear on the tread around the tire. If you notice excess wear in the middle, your tires may be inflated too much, while wear on the edges might mean that you’re driving with low pressure.

Protect yourself and your fellow drivers by taking better care of your tires this winter. You can also help to extend the life of your tires by making some simple changes to your habits during the coldest time of the year.

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