Warmer Weather Is Here, So Help Your Vehicle Keep Cool

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April 29, 2019

Spring in California means that warm weather is here. The last thing that anyone needs is to have a vehicle that is not prepared to handle the increased temperatures. Follow this simple tips to keep your vehicle running it’s best on all of your trips.

Here’s how you can help your car keep cool in the warmer weather this summer.
Check Your Battery

If you have had your battery for more than three years, you should have it tested. The change in temperature is hard on your vehicles battery. It is common to hear of vehicle battery failure during the cold winter months, but heat is just as hard on your battery. Warmer temperatures can evaporate battery fluid, causing damage to internal plates and speeding up corrosion. A quick battery test can help you avoid potential issues and provide some added life to older batteries.

Top Off Or Change Fluids

Engine fluids are a key component in keeping your car running during the summer months. When fluid levels are low, the cooling effect is decreased and could result in overheating. Check your vehicle fluids including motor oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and brake fluid. Refer to your owner’s manual for recommended fluid type.

Check Engine Belts And Hoses For Cracks And Wear

Look for leaks and feel to determine if the hoses are firm and pliable. Pay special attention to places where hoses are connected and clamped. Do not attempt to touch any hoses or belts after you have been driving your vehicle, as they will be hot and could cause burns and serious injury.

Cool Your Engine

Your vehicles engine works extra hard during the summer and relies on the cooling system to protect it from overheating. To keep your cooling system in good working condition, you should flush your system and replace the coolant as recommended by the manufacturer. Engine coolant can become contaminated and its protective additives can lose their effectiveness.

An easy way to check on the health of your vehicles fluids is with a fluid diagnostics test. This quick test will give you a visual test to see how much the fluids have broken down. As fluids lose their ability to properly lubricate and cool, your vehicle can see excessive heat and wear.

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