5 Safety Tips for Driving in Hot Weather

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May 26, 2020

1. Make sure there’s enough engine oil to keep your engine cool and lubricated. If you have an oil temperature gauge, make sure the temperature is within the proper range while you are driving.

2. Check Your Vehicle's Cabin Air Filter. Check it regularly to make sure that it is clean and ready for use. If it is clogged, blackened and filled with debris you need to replace it. Replacing it may be all it takes to resolve your car air conditioner problem.

3. The hot summer driving conditions and increased traffic can cause your car's brakes to create excessive brake dust, which can mimic the sounds of failing brake pads. Make sure to wash your car and pay careful attention to sensing out the wheel areas to reduce the amount of brake dust buildup. If you still hear brake noises, a quick brake inspection can help identify the problem.

4. Check Your Battery. If you have had your battery for more than three years, you should have it tested. The change in temperature is hard on your vehicle's battery. It is common to hear of vehicle battery failure during the cold winter months, but heat is just as hard on your battery

5. Check Engine Belts and Hoses for Cracks and Wear. When the engine temperature has cooled, look for leaks and feel the hoses to determine if they are firm and pliable. Pay special attention to places where hoses are connected and clamped. Do not attempt to touch any hoses or belts after you have been driving your vehicle, as they will be hot and could cause burns and serious injury.

A hallmark of summer driving is an increase in the number of broken-down vehicles that require car repair.

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