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Seven Must-Have Accessories for Fall Driving

Fall’s arrival means it won’t be long before you’re driving on wet, foggy roads.

Stocking up on seasonal accessories will prepare you for whatever the weather throws your way. Check out our top seven accessories for fall driving.

Give Your Ride A Brake After Summer

Brakes operate in high temperatures under normal conditions, and months of summer heat only tax the system further.

Experts urge drivers to conduct a post-summer brake inspection to see how well your stopping system is holding up after months of intense weather.

Get Rid of Those Ugly Dents, Door Dings

You just went through the carwash and the vehicle’s looking clean. But now those dents, nicks and small imperfections stand out even more.

The good news is you don’t have to live with those minor dents and dings.

Seasonal Alerts For Early Fall Weather

You never know. And that’s the point. September marks “National Preparedness Month” and safety agencies are using the opportunity to emphasize emergency planning.

Here’s what they’re suggesting you do to prepare for life’s worst-case scenarios.

Seasonal Harvest Fairs Dot Our American Landscape

Fall festivals might be the best part of the season. The Oktoberfests, harvest fairs and unique festivals this time of year celebrate nature’s bounty with flair.

Chances are there’s one near you. Check out this list of notable celebrations across the country.

Helpful Ways to Talk to Your Teen About Distracted Driving

Every driver deals with distractions and teen drivers are especially vulnerable to excess stimuli.

Your teen driver will face distractions behind the wheel, the key is to inform them about what they’re facing and the consequences.

Steering Fluid Issues May Trigger Driving, Handling Problems

You're not navigating that winding road without power steering.

Power steering might be one of your vehicle’s most underappreciated technologies. But as the miles build up, bits of plastic and rubber inside the system can wear down and cause problems. See Related Coupon

Most Common Fluid Leaks: What Your Car's Trying To Tell You

Whether it’s green, red, or brown, a fluid leak isn’t something to ignore. Learn how to determine where the drip might be coming from based on the fluid’s color.

Belts and Hoses: Your Engine's Unsung Heroes

Who ever really thinks about engine belts and hoses when they’re driving?

Yet, it is those critical but forgotten parts that can leave your vehicle stranded on a remote roadway. The numerous belts and hoses are critical to many operations drivers take for granted, from keeping your engine cool to recirculating air in the passenger compartment.

What Does That Dashboard Warning Light Mean?

That “check engine light” could be over something as innocent as a loose-fitting gas cap. Or it could be an early warning of a crisis to come.

Either way, a trip to the technician should be imminent whenever a warning icon lights up your dashboard.

“The longer you ignore the light, the more likely it is to negatively impact your vehicle and snowball into additional, more costly repairs,” said Kristin Brocoff, a spokesperson for CarMD, a vehicle diagnostic software manufacturer.